Bones Season 10 Premiere

2014-09-12_1520-pngThis is the biggest case the squints have ever worked on and they are trying to do it while under the radar and through proper channels. Those proper channels just got Sweets killed.

He wanted to help Booth out and he gave his life for him. I don’t know if Booth is ever going to forgive himself. He will probably blame Sweet’s death on himself for a very long time, if not the rest of his life. I think all of the squints will shoulder a lot of guilt over this one. It will also be the hardest body they’ve ever had to examine.

‘Bones’ has been very mixed over the last couple of seasons. Last season things got a lot better. The chemistry between the characters had lost it’s luster, since there was no more sexual tension and the will they or won’t they was gone. But the writers finally found a way to make the series work again. Now they have created a huge case that almost killed Booth and now has killed Sweets.

Sweets was very sad and not like himself through the whole episode. He was clearly worried about Booth and for good reason. Booth is not himself. He was framed for murder and thrown into jail. That’s not something you get over quickly.

If the writers think that this new agent is going to take Sweet’s place, no one can take his place. Why was this new guy being so helpful? If he is really genuine, then fine, he’s alright, but no Sweets. We can’t be mad at the writers for this tragic death though. Turns out the actor who plays Sweets, John Francis Daly is going to be directing the remake of ‘National Lampoons’ Vacation’. While I’m thrilled for the actor, I’m very sad that one of my favorite characters is gone.

Check out the preview for next week when we say good by to Sweets:


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