The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Refresh

the-vampire-diaries-season-6Last season the Travelers took over Mystic Falls by becoming passengers in the residents. The witches had made it impossible for them to call any place a home. They were gathering to make Mystic Falls their home and get rid of all witch magic, meaning the supernatural residents of Mystic Falls would all die.

If that wasn’t a big enough problem for them to deal with, the other side was also falling a part.

Elena and Stefan were kidnapped for their doppelganger blood for the spell to rid the world of witch magic. One of the Travelers helped them to escape but it was too late, enough blood had already been drained for the spell. Then Liv and Luke tried to kill Stefan and Elena to stop the spell. The Traveler who helped them was killed in the process. The only thing that saved them was the spell that took away the witches’ magic.

All hope was not lost. Bonnie found a way to get them back from the other side and the Traveler that helped Elena and Stefan knew the spell to do it. But before they were able to put their plan into motion, she was swept up into oblivion.

The gang had met at Whitmore College and Julian, who was in Tyler’s body, asked them where his wife had gone. Caroline and Stefan had to tell him that she was dead. Julian was so mad and he wanted someone to pay. Caroline tried to snap his neck to calm him down, but was too slow and Stefan jumped in. Julian ripped Stefan’s heart out, saying there doppelganger dead, spell stopped. Caroline was so distraught yelling for someone to help.

Enzo was able to find another person on the other side to help them escape, Silas. Silas taught Bonnie the spell and then they got really lucky, Silas got blown away to oblivion, so he wouldn’t be coming back to the living.

It wasn’t as easy for Elena and Caroline to get a witch on board. Luke and Liv refused to help. So Caroline killed Luke, making Liv have to help them so she could get her brother back.

When Damon told Elena he was going to be the one to set off the explosion to kill the Travelers for the spell, she did not like it. She chose to join Damon on his suicide mission, but they thought they would both be coming back.

Everything was going well. One by one everyone was coming back. Lexi had her chance to go through, but she wouldn’t pass through before Damon, so her best friend could get his brother back. Markos came to pass through Bonnie, but Lexi wouldn’t let that happen. Alaric and Damon finally made it and Alaric went through, but Luke had stopped the spell before Damon could get through.

Everyone had thought that with this spell, Bonnie would be free of being the anchor, but she didn’t have a plan for herself. Jeremy was devastated and came as quick as he could to say goodbye. We are left with the other side falling apart with Bonnie and Damon together.

Elena was a mess losing Damon, but Damon was at peace. He said he peeked. That being loved by her was the best it was ever going to get.

Season six may have another relationship blooming. Lexi thinks there is something going on between Caroline and Stefan. They sure have gotten close recently. Could there be something there?

On Thursday, October 2 at 8|7c ‘TVD’ will return and we will get to see the aftermath of losing Bonnie and Damon. Are they gone for good?

Here’s a look at the promo for season six:

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