Nashville Season 3 Premiere

Nashville-Poster1Last season Rayna was left with the choice to marry Luke or Deacon. This was not an easy decision. The love of her life or the love of her present? When it came down to it, I thought she should choose Deacon. I wanted her to choose Deacon. She’s waited all this time for him to be the man she could share her life with and he’s finally that man.

While I was disappointed she chose Luke, I’m not entirely surprised. You can’t have the beloved couple get together too early in a series and if you do, you have to break them up. And who knows, maybe there is no plan to get these two together at all. I think the fans would be very disappointed if there was no possibility of Rayna and Deacon finally getting together though.

Rayna made her decision, but right after she put on Deacon’s ring. She seemed happy with her decision and then a wave of doubt appeared to wash over her. Even if she’s not ready to be with Deacon, she can’t marry Luke if there is any doubt.

I’m so happy that Scarlett isn’t leaving. I was so worried last season when she said she was going back to school. She doesn’t have to be a singer, but I think she should still be a songwriter. Some people are made to perform and others are made to write. maybe performing isn’t her thing, but she’s such a talented song writer.

Was Juliette’s pregnancy planned in the show or was it written in after Hayden Panettiere became pregnant? And the bigger question, is it Jeff’s or Avery’s? This probably put the writers in a tough spot. They had to decide who the baby’s father was going to be and where to take the storyline. Not that if the baby is Avery’s, they have to end up together. But if the baby turns out to be Jeff’s, I don’t think Avery will ever forgive her. The writers will probably leave us hanging for a while on this one.

I have to give a lot of credit to Teddy in this episode. He hates Deacon, yet he’s pretending to be okay with him for Maddie. Maddie is going to have a tough time with her mom marrying Luke and while I’m sure Teddy is happy Rayna didn’t choose Deacon, his daughter is stuck in the middle. Teddy has been a prominent character since the beginning, but lately his role has just been in the middle of Maddie and Deacon. Is there more for his storyline?

Layla and Will have learned the hard way why you shouldn’t do a reality show. When you open up your home to cameras, you have no privacy. His secret his hanging by a thread. Can Layla and Will play house for a little bit longer to keep his secret quiet? I didn’t like how that producer spoke to them, but she got one thing right, Layla is naive. Not because she didn’t know her husband was gay, he hid that pretty well. But because she got swept away with a publicity romance and married him. Even if Will wasn’t gay, the relationship had little hope of surviving. She’s so young and has a lot to learn about the world.

The live performances were great. A lot of the performances on ‘Nashville’ are very glammed-up. Well of course those are from Rayna and Juliette, but these were very bare bones and the actors were great. I especially liked Deacon’s performance. I felt like he was singing to Rayna, even if she wasn’t listening. Teddy clearly knew who the song was about and wasn’t happy. Even if the song will have no affect on Rayna, I still think it’s great that he wrote it and sang it. This is how great songs are made. Not by the outcome of the song, but of the emotions that made the song.


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