Chicago PD Season 2 Premiere

Chicago-PDVoight has come clean with his team. He told them he got his job back because of a deal with Internal Affairs. He puts himself out there as dirty to bring down the bad guys. But just how clean is he? He’s got a stash of money in a safe, that I can only assume he got off the streets. It’s all great that he’s used that money to help people, but it’s still dirty money and it still looks bad.

Season two didn’t take very long to heat up. There was a fire fight at the very beginning and things in Chicago are looking more dangerous than ever. Jay has a $100,000 bounty on his head, all because he was doing his job. He killed a bad guy’s brother and now his life is in jeopardy. I knew by the look in the bad guy’s eyes that he wanted Jay dead, but I never thought a bounty would be on his life.

Erin is having a rocky start to the new season. Her mother keeps calling. We know very little about her mother, just that her parents split and she got pretty messed up. Is this another figure from her past that weakens her? Voight also betrayed her trust. She has so much loyalty and trust in Voight and I’m sure there’s so much about him that she wouldn’t like.

I’m not sure how I feel about Burgess and Ruzek having a secret affair. They make a very cute couple, but this is putting in jeopardy everything she’s worked for. A few stolen kisses lost her the spot on Intelligence, what does she think a whole relationship will do?

I like Burgess’ new partner so far. He knows his stuff and I want to say he was honest about his old female partner. With cops on this show though, you never know if they are telling the truth, especially if you don’ know them. Burgess needs to be with a good cop to help her get her spot on Intelligence, but it looks like she may have more competition for the next available spot.

No mention of Antonio’s MIA family, but that kiss from his informant, makes me wonder what he’s been up to since we last left him.

It looks like season two is just heating up. Check out the preview for next week:


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