Revenge Season 3 Refresh

revenge-season-4-poster-tagline-victoria-emilyWhen we return to ‘Revenge’, the landscape of the show is going to be much different. Last season Emily finally succeeded in her goal of taking the Graysons down.

Time after time, Emily would come close to bringing the truth to the surface, but something would screw it up. When she posed as a Homeland Security agent and approached Pascal to get a confession out of Conrad, she thought this would be the time she would succeed. But Conrad was two steps a head and killed Pascal making it look like an accident.

Emily had to go to some serious lengths to succeed. She kidnapped her own sister, Charlotte. It appeared that Conrad and Victoria would have a press conference and confess everything to get their daughter back, but that wasn’t the plan. The plan was to inform Charlotte who her parents really were and put a camera on her so she could confront Conrad. The press conference was just for the satellites, so she could broadcast Conrad’s confession.

Everything was going really well. Conrad was taken into custody and David Clarke’s case was reopened. Then things went really well and David was found innocent. It was the happiest day of Emily’s life, or should have been.

Victoria believed that Emily had something to do with Pascal’s death and wanted Emily to hurt as much as she did. She also figured out that Emily was Amanda Clarke. So she left a trail for Emily to follow and just as she planned, Aiden showed up at her therapist’s office. Victoria poisoned and killed Aiden and then left him in Emily’s house for her to find.

Emily had yet to succeed in making Victoria pay and Jack and Nolan thought she was going to kill Victoria. It appeared like she would, but Emily got Victoria committed into a mental institution. Emily had finally succeeded in making everyone pay, but at what cost?

Nolan was working on his own mission when we left him. He partnered with Margaux’s brother, Gideon. He wanted his program back and Gideon wanted his company back. But Gideon took things too far. Gideon got Daniel drunk and the girl he was with died of a drug overdose. That wasn’t the plan was. Daniel wakes up out of it in a hotel room and calls Margaux and invites her to come. Not knowing there is a dead girl next to him.

While Jacks was worrying about what Emily would do to Victoria, Charlotte told the authorities that Jack had kidnapped her. He’s seen being escorted to the police station for questioning. It seems that there is always collateral damage in Emily’s plans.

Just as it seemed like Conrad was going to get away again, David Clarke appeared and killed him. Looks like after everything that has happened, David is not the same man he was before, but neither is his daughter. Will David go to Emily?

In the preview for season four, the tables have turned and it’s Victoria that wants the revenge. ‘Revenge’ will return Sunday, September 28 10|9c. Take a look at the preview:


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