Bones Season 9 Refresh

2014-09-12_1520-pngThere’s only one week left till the season 10 premiere. Last season ended with the biggest cliffhanger yet.

Booth and Brennan finally took out Pelant and were able to walk down the isle.

Before Pelant died he told Brennan about a serial killer, the ghost killer, and said that she wouldn’t be able to find her without him. This haunted Brennan and she was determined to prove him wrong, but none of the evidence showed there was a serial killer. Till a women ended up dead. She was from a family that Hodgins knew and they had investigated her brother in a previous murder. The investigation lead them to finding out she was the ghost killer.

An anonymous source contacted Booth wanting a meeting to give him intel, but the man was murdered before Booth could meet him. The investigation in the man’s death lead to a huge conspiracy.

During this time Booth was up for a big promotion, but the closer and closer the squints came to the truth, the secret organization would go to any length to protect themselves.

While Booth was at his hearing for his big promotion, the board asked him about a classified mission where he killed an American citizen. He was not authorized to talk about the mission and this started a media frenzy and he had to be put on suspension.

Booth set a trap for the people to come to him, so they could get some of them, but he was in over his head. He set traps in his home and sent Brennan to Max. The squints kept investigating and found out one of them was left handed, Brennan went back to Booth to tell him and saved his life. But he was badly hurt and had to be taken to the hospital and their house was destroyed. When Brennan got to the hospital she tried to go see him, but he was in handcuffs and under guard. Booth was being accused of killing FBI agents, even though they were there to kill him.

Next season Brennan and the squint’s mission will be to clear Booth’s name and find out who is behind everything.

Bones will be back with season 10 on Thursday, September 25 8|7c. Take a look at the promo:


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