Chicago PD Season 1 Refresh

Chicago-PD‘Chicago P.D.’ exploded on to TV with a very action packed first season. Everything went by in a flash and next week season two will begin.

We learned a lot about Erin Lindsay in the first season. She had a troubled past and Voight saved her. At the end of the season, Charlie, a guy from her past, came back to town. He threatened to expose a dark secret. In exchange for keeping quiet, she had to help him with a big score. Jay reminded her that they are supposed to tell Voight the truth so he can lie for them. She came clean to Voight. Her best friend had killed someone and she helped get rid of the body. They stopped the robbery from happening and Erin’s secret was kept quiet.

Last season Antonio got shot by an old enemy and when he returned to work sooner than his wife would have liked, she was not happy. She took their kids and left. She wanted him to leave his job and the city, but he wouldn’t.

We got to follow officers Burgess and Atwater last season and finally a spot opened up in Intelligence. Atwater got the spot, even though Olinsky believed that Burgess deserved it more. Ruzek and Burgess shared a few stolen kisses and that’s what stopped her from earning the spot. Voight doesn’t tolerate in house romances. She knows she has to keep proving herself, but when we left things, Ruzek and Burgess were getting into bed together.

The reason there was a spot open was because Voight took Sumners off, because he believed she was the mole for Internal Affairs. She wasn’t, his own Jin was. Stillwell blackmailed him with his father’s gambling debt to get him to spy on Voight for him. Voight discovers this and Jin ends up dead, but did Voight do it? Stillwell is not a straight arrow. He was having an affair with Sumners and wants to leave his wife for her, but if he gets a divorce, he will lose everything. So he tells Voight he wants 10 percent of everything he gets off the streets. So who killed Jin, Voight or Stillwell?

‘Chicago P.D.’ is back with season two starting Wednesday, September 24 10|9c on NBC. I’m sure we are in for another wild ride.

Here’s a sneak peek from the premiere:


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