Classic Shows Coming Back to TV

Boy-Meets-Worldgirl-meets-world-poster-disney-channel‘Boy Meets World’ has come back with ‘Girl Meets World’, ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ took us back to the iconic zip code, ‘Melrose Place’ tried to come back, ‘The Odd Couple’ is on its way back with Matthew Perry and there is a lot of talk about ‘Full House’ being rebooted. Should any of the hit TV shows be brought back for a new generation or should they be left in the past? This is a big argument for the many remakes 51t9i2PKotL90210-posterthat happen for the big screen as well.

I was a huge fan of ‘Boy Meets World’, but I haven’t even bothered to sit down to watch the remake. The show was such a classic and I don’t think they could out do themselves. I grew up with Cory, Shawn and Topanga and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I also loved the original ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, but the reboot was also quite good. It was a modern version of the old show. Though I have watched the old show much more than I’ve seen the new one, and I don’t think that has anything to do with the fact that I’ve had a lot longer to re-watch the episodes. I never really got into the old ‘Melrose Place’, but I loved the new one.

Maybe these remakes are not for the fans, maybe they are for a whole new set of fans.

There really isn’t many shows on TV at the moment that are like ‘Full House’. These days we watch dramas with so many twists and turns and comedies like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ with a bunch of nerds that we have some how made cool.

The closest I can think of is Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’, it’s a lot like his old show, ‘Home Improvement’, just with daughters instead of sons. It’s a family show dealing with family issues and a lot of political jokes. It’s nowhere near as heartwarming as ‘Full House’ was. Though ‘7th Heaven’ lasted 11 seasons, so maybe we still do like wholesome shows and we probably need some wholesome back on our TV. But maybe we come up with a new show, instead of recycling old shows. The truth is it’s really hard to make the reboot as good as the original.

Are you watching ‘Girl Meets World’ and will you be watching ‘Full House’, if they bring it back?

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