The ‘Gilmore Girls’ and the Quirky Residents of Stars Hallow are Heading to Netflix

gilmore_girls-promo_season_7-002It’s been seven years since ‘Gilmore Girls’ ended and the show is finally coming to Netflix. This means a whole new generation can get addicted to this great show. The fast talking cast and quirky characters makes this one of the best and most unique shows of all time. It’s definitely on my all time favorite list.

The cast was filled with such great actors that have gone on to do great things. One of the lead characters, Lauren Graham, has gone on to star on a new hit TV series, ‘Parenthood’, on NBC. The show is about to go into its sixth season.

The biggest star to come out of the show is Melissa McCarthy. She played Sookie on ‘Gilmore Girls’, best friend and business partner of Lorelai Gilmore. She was one of the quirky residents of Stars Hallow. She’s gone on to win a Primetime Emmy award for her role in ‘Mike and Molly’ and has been nominated for an Oscar for her part in ‘Bridesmaids’. ‘Gilmore Girls’ was clearly just the start of her great career.

Jared Padalecki starred in the first four seasons of the show and went on to be a lead on his own show, ‘Supernatural’. He’s now going into his tenth season. Chad Michael Murray had a recurring role in the first season and then spent six seasons on ‘One Tree Hill’. Matt Czuchry joined the show for the last three seasons and has gone on to star on ‘The Good Wife’.

All these great actors make up seven great seasons of ‘Gilmore Girls’.

Lorelai Gilmore has Rory when she is only 16 and leaves her rich parents behind to raise her on her own. This mother and daughter are best friends, more like sisters. Lorelai worked very hard to raise Rory. She worked her way up at an Inn from a maid to manager of the Inn and has dreams to open her own bed and breakfast with her best friend, Sookie. Rory has dreams of going to an Ivy League school. They live in a small Connecticut town, Stars Hallow. In seven seasons you get to see the characters, grow up and go after their dreams, but it won’t all be easy. There are also many romances that Rory and Lorelai go through. There will be so many pop culture references dropped in each episode that you will need to keep your phone handy to look them all up.  The town of Stars Hallow is a character as well and the show wouldn’t be the same without the quirky residents. It’s a great family show and on October 1 you can stream the series on Netfilx.

If you haven’t seen it, you should put it at the top of your queue and if you have, it’s time to relive Rory and Lorelai’s journey.

Check out the promo for season one:


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