Spotlight On: Gabriel Mann, Stepping Out of Sidekick Mode

BuddhaJ |

BuddhaJ |

When Gabriel Mann was introduced to us on ‘Revenge’, you probably didn’t know that you’ve seen this guy before. He starred alongside Matt Damon in ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘The Bourne Supremacy’. Once again he wasn’t the lead character, but if you’ve seen the films, then you probably noticed him. He’s good at standing out in whatever role he’s taken on. He may be Emily’s side kick and best friend in ‘Revenge’, but we would all be pretty devastated if the writers decided to write him off.

In 2011 he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, Choice TV: Male Scene Stealer. And he certainly does that in his role as Nolan Ross. He’s become a prominent cast member and doesn’t always wait for Emily’s ok to go ahead with his plan, but he’s always got Emily’s best interests at heart, well most of the time. He would never do anything to hurt her though.

This year Gabriel got to take his talent and put it to something bigger. He starred alongside Michael Pena, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson and John Malkovich in ‘Cesar Chavez’. The film won Best Picture at the Imagen Foundation Awards. It’s just a mater of time before he gets even bigger film roles. In the meantime we can watch Nolan¬†every week on ‘Revenge’. Season four premieres September 28.

When we left Nolan in season three, he was teaming up with Gideon to take down Daniel, but it isn’t going has he would have liked, but now that he’s crossed that line, how will he handle it?

Gabriel will have plenty to deal with this fall with Nolan’s storyline. While you wait out the last couple of weeks before the return of ‘Revenge’, check out some clips of the actor at work:

Clip from ‘Revenge’:

Clip from ‘The Bourne Supremacy’:

‘Cesar Chavez’ trailer:

Gabriel talks why he joined the cast of ‘Cesar Chavez’:


‘Revenge’ season four promo:


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