Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys Make You Root for the Russians in ‘The Americans’

americansfxposI like spy TV shows, but ‘The Americans’ is different than any spy show I’ve seen before. For one thing, the writers have you rooting for the enemy.

‘The Americans’ is about the Cold War and two Soviet officers who are undercover in the U.S. posing as Americans.

Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) grew up in Russia and were trained for the biggest mission of their lives. They had an arranged marriage and were sent to the U.S. to have a family and fit in, while they were doing their jobs.

They’ve been in the field a long time, but now things are about to get more complicated. An FBI agent, Stan (Noah Emmerich), and his family move in next door. This can prove as a difficulty or as a great resource.

Stan recruits a woman in the Soviet Embassy, Nina (Annet Mahendru). He doesn’t really give her a choice. He catches her doing something she could be sent to a Siberian prison for. So Stan makes a deal, she spies for them or they turn her into her government.

While Elizabeth and Philip are fighting for their country, they still have two children to raise and a marriage that is sometimes for show and is sometimes real. It can be a confusing world when you’ve taken a completely different identity.

Stan can relate. He was deep under cover before he entered counter intelligence. He’s so far into his work, he neglects his wife, Sandra (Susan Misner), and their son. He doesn’t know how to turn it off and the deeper they get into the Cold War, the more distant he becomes.

Stan is very likable from the beginning, but chances are you will be rooting for Elizabeth and Philip. We all know how the Cold War played out, but that won’t stop you from rooting for the Russians. Stan also gives you reasons to turn against him as the first season plays out.

The first season really gets you deep into the Cold War. ‘The Americans’ keeps you at the edge of your seat and lets you go with a very dangerous season two in front of you. Elizabeth, Philip, Stan and Nina will constantly be in danger and will continue to move forward.

‘The Americans’ is on FX, season one is out on dvd and blu-ray and season two is on Amazon instant video. Catch up on this exciting show before season three.

Check out the trailer for season one:


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