Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 7

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboI was worrying about Auggie getting caught. When you’re blind, it’s hard to know who is around you. Then he decides to have an open conversation in front of his apartment building with Natasha. While I understand he was desperately trying to get her to stay, he was out in the open, for anyone to see.

I think Natasha is right to walk away. She could end up in jail and so could Auggie. Auggie could end up much worse. Auggie doesn’t even know that Haley saw them. There’s no way of knowing if Haley will know who Natasha is, but her decision to keep Annie’s health condition under wraps, may be in jeopardy now.

At least what Auggie was doing was for love, Calder is just confused. What is it about this call girl that has him so hypnotized? Maybe now he will finally walk away and stop putting his job on the line.

How careful has Annie been? Obviously she’s left a trail to be found, but that’s not like Annie. Unless Haley is just that good at her job.

It was a pretty close call for Annie and McQuaid, but did the target get out? It seemed like a pretty sure thing that they took out the target, but at the end of the episode, Auggie gets a disturbing phone call and there’s more to the story. That would have been way to easy to get rid of the person responsible to the CIA safe house bombing. I mean seven episodes in and case closed? I don’t think so.

Check out the preview for next week. Annie’s heart condition is revealed:


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