Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 7

tumblr_mlcp5wBxiI1s07uamo1_r1_250When a bookseller was murdered, they immediately thought it was for something valuable, especially when the crime scene was broken into. But the safe proved to be empty and all they found behind the floor board was a book that turned out to be a counterfeit rare book and a letter to a priest. I think the signs pointed to what he was killed for then, but we just couldn’t see it.

It turns out the man was killed so he would be kept quiet, but he had a contingency plan. Even if something happened to him, the truth would still come out. He was involved in a bombing in Dublin and wrote his confession on the counterfeit book he made.

I  liked how they let the accomplice lead them right to the killer. That makes things a whole lot easier than trying to find a man, not from Boston, and having no idea who he is. They were just lucky enough that the accomplice was stupid enough to go straight to his guy. A smarter guy would have played it cool and gone home and met up with his guy when things cooled down. But I guess that’s why this guy was only an errand boy.

What did Maura’s father say to her? Was it just goodbye before he gets shipped off to another prison?

And what is up with Angela? She dumped a really nice man. I get that she wants to figure out who she is and she has relied on a man her whole life, but what is she going to do next? I wonder what Angela will find down her new path?

Check out the preview for next week. Jane puts her life in danger when she tries to help a teenager.


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