Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 4

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboThat seemed a little too easy taking down The Postman, but I guess the agency is going to have bigger problems moving forward. Their work is going to be outsourced and to Arthur’s new boss no less.

I think it’s fair to say that McQuaid will play a big role in season five. Will he be a love interest for Annie? He sure wants to be. I’m not sure how Annie feels about him. She still loves Auggie, but she’s all about her job now and that would have been over if it wasn’t for Auggie.

Turns out that the feelings are only one sided between Calder and his prostitute. Which isn’t really a surprise, but his feelings may jeopardize his career. He was so stupid to take her into the coat closet. He’s lucky only Joan saw, but as she said, if she saw him, someone else could have too. He’s good at his job and while risking your career for love is one thing, he’s paying a prostitute for the intimacy he is receiving and that’s not something he should be risking his career over.

It was nice seeing Eyal again. It’s almost sad that the man Annie goes to for help in a time for crisis isn’t Auggie, it’s Eyal. But I guess if it wasn’t going to be Auggie, there isn’t anyone better than Eyal. I was very surprised by him saying that Annie’s heart condition was her way out. While I’m sure it’s true that many operatives want to get out before it’s too late, he’s one that loves his job and can’t imagine his life without it, just like Annie. She would have nothing left if she had to leave her job. But this heart condition could jeopardize her job whether the agency knows or not.

Now there are three men in Annie’s life that are keeping her secret. Can they all be trusted? I trust Auggie and Eyal, but I’m not so sure about McQuaid. He says he wants to do good by his country, but he’s also a business man. Those can be two conflicting things.

Check out the preview for next week. Auggie and Annie team up in the field, but their feelings may get in the way of the mission:


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