Nina Dobrev on the Big Screen this Summer

freakygute |

freakygute |

It’s a long summer waiting for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ to comeback, but Nina Dobrev will be on the big screen this summer.

Nina, 25, is starring in ‘Let’s Be Cops’ with Jake Johnson (‘New Girl’) and Damon Wayans Jr. (‘New Girl’). Nina will play Justin’s (Damon) love interest.

Ryan (Jake) and Justin decide to dress up as cops for a costume party, but they are mistaken as real cops and deicide to play it up. Then they end up on actual cases and get in way over their heads. They think they can take the bad guy down. It sounds like a recipe for disaster and a lot of laughs. Take a look at the trailer:

Nina actually strips down in the film. Not sure how much will actually be shown, but she strips down  a lot in ‘TVD’ as well. Just think of all those sex scenes with Damon and Katherine seemed to be naked a lot.  Hollywood Life believes she is usually more conservative than this. Check out this Hollywood Life report:

So while we are waiting for ‘TVD’ to return this fall, we can check out Nina’s new film. ‘Let’s Be Cops is coming out August 13.


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