Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 3

Covert Affairs Season 5 USA Piper PeraboAnnie isn’t a stranger to being stuck in a country when a mission goes south. She’s done it countless times before, alone and paired up. This time around she wasn’t with another agency, she was with the private sector and they do things a bit differently.

Besides for Annie working with McQuaid, it was a pretty run of the mill episode, nothing we haven’t really seen before. There were a few things propelling the storyline forward though. First of all we found out about a mystery man, The Postman. Who could this person be? Does he work for an agency or does he just know inside information? Either way this man is dangerous. He cost a lot of people their lives.

Did I see correctly that Calder paid a prostitute for sex? He’s a good looking man, surely he can get it for free. But what’s more interesting is that he seems to be in a relationship with this prostitute, but why? They seem to have feelings for each other, though on her end that can’t be trusted. If the relationship really was true, would he have to pay her? And how could he be comfortable with her sleeping with a lot of other men? This just seems like it’s going to blow up in his face. His credibility will be totally discredited if he’s found out. How did this even start? He just decided to pay for sex one night? Couldn’t he have just gone to a bar and picked up a lady? It just seems so strange.

I think McQuaid has a little crush on Annie, but Annie’s emotions are completely shut off. It would be a complicated relationship. When Arthur had a meeting with Joan you would never had known they were married. She treated him exactly like she treated his boss, very cold and made it known she didn’t want to be working with them. Was she just being professional or was it something else?

We will be seeing a familiar face next week as they try to figure out who The Postman is. Check out the preview:


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