Spotlight On: A Look Back at Jensen Ackles’ Career

SupernaturalWe love watching Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester on ‘Supernatural’ and as we go into a tenth season and Jensen has new challenges for his character, lets take a look back at the other great roles you might have missed Jensen, 36, in.

He was in the finale season of ‘Dawson’s Creek’, but unless you look closely at his character, C.J, you may have missed it. He doesn’t look like the sexy hunter we know him as now. He has longer hair and plays a recovering alcoholic who likes to help people. Jen takes an interest in him really quickly, but it’s a rocky road for these two getting together. If you are having Dean withdrawals this summer, ‘Dawson’s Creek’ may be a good fix. He’s in 12 episodes from season six.

If 12 episodes is not good enough for you, Jensen was also in ‘Dark Angel’ with Jessica Alba. He plays Alec, one of the people who was genetically enhanced as a child. He’s in this entire season. This is probably when I became a big fan of Jensen and he’s a little bit more like the Dean we know and love.

He also had a stint on a soap, ‘Days of Our Lives’. He’s had a pretty successful TV career so far, nothing has been as successful as ‘Supernatural’, but he built up his resume before he snagged his role as Dean.

Did anyone watch ‘Bloody Valentine’ back in 2009? He was one of the stars and was pretty impressive in the film. It was a strange film, but well worth watching for the twist at the end.

When Jensen is not filming ‘Supernatural’ he’s being a family man with his wife, Danneel Harris. You may recognize her name. She is also a CW alum. She starred in ‘One Tree Hill’ as Rachel. Danneel and Jensen had a daughter named JJ last year.

While we wait through the long summer for the return of ‘Supernatural’ you can check out all of Jensen’s great roles over the years and here are some videos to watch while you wait:

Check out this video of the best of Dean from ‘Supernatural’:

Jensen on ‘Dawson’s Creek’:

Jensen in ‘Dark Angel’:

A clip from ‘Days of Our Lives’:

Watch the trailer to ‘My Bloody Valentine’:



Jensen Eye of the Tiger:

Jensen singing ‘The Weight’:


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