The Last Ship Action Continues, Characters Tested

This is a much better poster than the one that is all over New York. All it has is a Navy ship and Eric Dane.

This is a much better poster than the one that is all over New York. All it has is a Navy ship and Eric Dane.

The action continued this week, but we also got to know the characters a little better. A lot of the characters were tested this week and we got to see who they were when they were under pressure.

Chandler and Rachel are the main characters we’ve got to know and this week we got to know Danny and Dr. Quincy Tophet better. The world is infected by a virus and loved ones are clouding the judgement of these two. They are only human and making decisions that are based on a loved one is not easy to do, even when there is a bigger picture at play. Most people are not going to choose the bigger picture, but our actions have consequences.

It’s nice to see that human tendencies are at play during this crises. Not everyone can be as strong as Captain Chandler. He makes his decisions and stands by them and that’s not an easy thing to do when your crew and the world is counting on you.

Action is certainly the driving force in this new show, but it’s nice to see characters tested. Chandler, Rachel and Mike have been tested since day one, while the other characters have just fell in line. Now they are being tested too and we are seeing who these people really are.

The characters still seem a little weak though. I can’t really say I have a favorite character yet. I have an attachment to to Chandler, but that is more because of the actor than the character. The story is very exciting and I really want to start getting attached to the characters, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

Next week the characters will be tested, will they reveal who they really are under pressure? Check out the preview:


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