Rizzoli and Isles Season 5 Episode 3

tumblr_mlcp5wBxiI1s07uamo1_r1_250The realization of being pregnant is finally setting in for Jane and with that she’s feeling scared and asking for helping, two things she is not use to feeling or doing.

This storyline has opened up doors for Angie Harmon’s character. We are into our fifth season now and the characters need to be challenged to keep the story moving forward. I think Jane having a baby will be her biggest challenge. She’s not really the mom or relationship type. She’s a hard working cop who can’t really have anyone waiting for her or needing her. So how will this baby affect her job?

I’m not sure how long the writers have had the idea of Jane being pregnant, but one challenge the writers did not expect to write in was Jane, Korsak and Maura losing Frost. This is a challenge all the characters have to face and Jane is not ready to see someone else in Frost’s chair. Who could they possible get to replace Frost? There is no replacement. Just someone to pick up the slack. But where the show is concerned, who could they possibly bring in? I don’t know if there is room for another character. Or maybe I just don’t want Lee Thompson Young to be replaced just yet.

The cases seem to be getting more complicated this season. It always amazes me how writers can continue to write different murders. And I really liked how Maura was brought into the case more for different aspects. It’s a blow losing Frost to the team, but Maura has so much untapped knowledge. She can help out more than just examining bodies.

Check out the preview for next week. Is Korsak really going to retire?


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