Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 6

penny-dreadful-sembeneSir Malcolm came so close to getting his daughter back. He could see her with the creature, but he just couldn’t get to her. Was it right for him not to let Vanessa come on their expedition? Could she have helped? I don’t think it was right leaving her completely out of it. She did get the information that led them to the ship.

Is Sir Malcolm totally in denial about being able to save his daughter or is he just hopeful? Now he has bigger problems to deal with, whatever Vanessa’s illness was, is now back. It’s like she’s possessed, but why? Why does being free seem to release something in her? It took her a while to get back to normal last time and this time she’s need to find Mina.

I can’t believe that Frankenstein’s creature killed Van Helsing. He’s certainly not messing around and he really wants his bride. But Victor hasn’t even found a subject yet. He’s been busy doing his own work and he regrets what he has created now. His innovativeness has taken him too far, now he has to deal with the consequences.

How long do you think Brona has left? It doesn’t seem like she has long now. Will she be Victor’s subject?

There’s only two more episodes left and before they save Mina, they will have to save Vanessa:


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