The Originals Cast Two New Enemies

noa93fl |

noa93fl |

If Klaus didn’t have enough to worry about when we left off in season one of ‘The Originals’, there will be two new witches for him to worry about in season two.

These two new enemies of the hybrid have been cast and we can put faces to the people who will be trying to make Klaus’ life miserable next season.

According to E! News, Sonja Sohn (‘The Wire’) has been cast at the powerful salt-of-the-Earth witch, Lenore. She won’t appear until episode three next season though .

Sonja is no stranger to TV, not only has she starred on ‘The Wire’ and ‘Body of Proof’, she has also guest starred on ‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘Burn Notice’, ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Cold Case’.

Sonja won’t be the only new witch in the Quarter for season two, Daniel Sharman (‘Teen Wolf’) has been cast to play a handsome and charming witch, Kaleb, E! News reported.

originals-season-2-spoilersDaniel is best known for his roles in ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Immortals’ and will be joining the cast of ‘The Originals’ in the first episode next season.

So while Klaus will be worrying about the new wolf pack in the Quarter, he will have two new witches to cause him problems as well. Let’s not forget that Davina has brought back his father, Michael, and is waiting till she’s ready to set Michael on him.

Looks like Klaus will have a difficult time next season.


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