Penny Dreadful Episode 5 Gives Us the Backstory to Get Us Hooked

penny-dreadful-sir-malcolmThere’s been a lot of questions about how Vanessa and Sir Malcolm started working together, how she knew Mina and what did she do to betray her.

This week we got the back story we needed to understand the dynamic between Vanessa and Sir Malcolm and understand Vanessa’s gift better, or curse, depending on what way you look at it.

In the first five episodes there has been very intriguing story lines, mysterious characters and a lot of sex, some of it unnecessary. There is nothing wrong with sex, it is apart of life, but there is a place for it and it shouldn’t just be thrown in to sex up a show. Sex is used better when it’s in the right context and within the storyline. This week there was sex, but it was only used to progress the story, not to shock us or give us nudity.

While I still have a problem with some elements of the show from last week, this episode was really good for driving the story forward and definitely got me invested in the story.  I want to know if Vanessa and Sir Malcolm can save Mina and I want to know if Vanessa can ever make amends for the sins she’s committed.

Sir Malcolm and Vanessa have very different ideas for how they can save Mina. Which one is possible?

Check out the preview for next week. The hunt for Mina continues and the question is posed if Mina can be saved:


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