Slow and Steady ‘The Walking Dead’ Drew Me In

download (4)Everyone is raving about ‘The Walking Dead’, so about a year ago I decided to give the show a try. I got through two episodes and just never got into it.

I decided to try again. I re-watched the first two episodes and continued this time. Season one was very slow and there are a lot of characters and you don’t get to know too many of them in depth. The writers only seem to scratch the surface of these people trying to make it in a new world.

What I do like about this show is how there are many different kinds of people and they have found a family together. They fight to protect each other and they fight to just survive.

I think Glenn has to be my favorite character so far. It’s hard to believe he was just a pizza delivery boy before all this happened. Rick rode into Atlanta on a horse hoping to find help, but all he found was a lot of walkers and no way out. He trapped himself in a tank just to save himself. Glenn decided to save him, without knowing anything about Rick and probably thinking he was an idiot for coming to Atlanta. But what did Rick know, he was told that was the place to go and he had only just woken up to this new world. There was no reason for Glenn to save him, but he did.

Thinking back I don’t know why I didn’t get hooked then, seeing as Glenn is my favorite character now. Maybe it was because I need to like more than one character to get hooked on a show. So who is that other character I like? That would be Daryl. When he first walked onto the screen I hated him, but he warmed on me. He did things that made me really like him and he would definitely be the man I would want around to save me from time to time. He knows how to use his weapons.

Eventually I also started to like Rick. He just has this moral compass about him and he tries to do his best for everyone, maybe that’s why he’s a cop. He certainly has kept those traits even though the world has changed.

The first season was very slow and only scratched the surface of the possibilities. It took almost the whole season, but I am officially hooked.

Check out the trailer for season 1:

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