Connie Britton is on the Big Screen with All-Star Cast

MissDesirae |

MissDesirae |

Connie Britton has gained an impressive TV resume and now she’s starring with an all-star cast in ‘This is Where I Leave You’. She will play the love interest of Adam Driver.

The film is based on Jonathan Tropper’s 2009 best selling novel and he also wrote the script for the movie. The film portrays four combative siblings that have to reunite for their father’s funeral. A lot of old and buried problems will be dug up and dealt with over the week they stay in their childhood home.

Connie, 47, plays the girlfriend of the youngest brother and she’s much older than he is.

The film also stars Tina Fey (’30 Rock’, ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Date Night’), Corey Stoll (‘Midnight in Paris’, ‘House of Cards’), Jane Fonda ( ‘Nine to Five’, ‘The Newsroom’), Timothy Olyphant (‘Justified’, ‘Hitman’), Jason Bateman (‘Arrested Development’, ‘Horrible Bosses’), Kathryn Hahn (‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, ‘The Secret Life of Walter  Mitty’), Dax Shepard (‘Parenthood’, ‘Idiocracy’) and Rose Byrne (‘Insidious’, ‘X-Men: First Class’).

‘This is Where I Leave You’ is directed by Shawn Levy and will be in theaters September 12.

Check out the trailer:


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