James Van Der Beek Found His Best Role in #FWBL, Until it Was Cancelled

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (1)We all remember James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leary as he pined over Joey Potter and followed his dream of being a filmmaker. There were a lot of fans hoping Joey and Dawson would end up together. As for me, I was one of the fans that wanted Joey and Pacey to end up together. No offense Dawson, but maybe you were just a little too nice and little whiny.

Since the days of Capeside and Boston, James has guest starred as a-hole director on ‘One Tree Hill’ and starred in ‘Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23’ as a spoof on himself. Recently he starred as Will, recently divorced doctor on ‘Friends With Better Lives’. This, in my opinion, was James’ best role yet. Sadly the show has been cancelled before all the episodes have even aired.

Dawson was a little whinny, his other characters were too mean and unlikable and as Will, he was all grown up trying to figure out how to date again after not dating since college. He was slightly vulnerable and clueless, but not a pig. James has grown into a very attractive man and this character just seemed to highlight that fact even more. It’s very sad that I will never see Will again. My only hope is when the show comes out on DVD that the unaired episodes will also be in the box set.

FriendsBetterLivesPosterAccording to TV Series Finale, after five episodes the ratings had dropped to 4.92 million viewers and that just isn’t enough for CBS. I don’t think five episodes can be enough to get people hooked. Does everyone watch the first episode of a new show live on the first night? Or do you check it out online later?

‘Friends With Better Lives’ was a very funny show that portrayed how friends can be at various stages of there lives: married with kids, engaged, divorced and single. This is the reality and the characters were very likable and very real. The conversations they would have were hilarious and the situations they got themselves into were also hilarious. It was just a show about life and I was hooked.

There are still five more episodes of the series, but CBS will not be airing them. As I said before, I hope the DVD box set will have those last episodes.


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