Penny Dreadful Episode 4 Takes a Strange Turn

o-PENNY-DREADFUL-570This week ‘Penny Dreadful’ got a little weird. For starters, just because you can have nudity on Showtime, doesn’t mean you have to have it, especially if it’s not necessary. The opening scene of this episode was an orgy in Dorian’s house. He was just watching as other people fooled around as he sat with a naked man, then he started to fool around with that man. While I have no problem with Dorian hooking up with other men, in the last episode we saw him in he was having sex with Brona and he’s clearly attracted to Vanessa. So is Dorian just sex obsessed and it doesn’t matter if they are male or female?

This show is definitely¬†at it’s best when it’s hunting the supernatural and exploring it. I feel like the blurred relationships with the characters can be interesting, but they don’t need to be sleeping with everyone.

Sir Malcolm is trying to find a cure, which is proving very difficult, but it’s an interesting process. Victor is now trying to find his creature a mate, but who will his subject be? I’m also very concerned that the vampire creature is coming after Vanessa. If she didn’t go to the theatre, she may have ended up dead.

Last week I was thinking I was totally in to this new show, but this week the show has taken a strange turn. I’m not sure if the supernatural storyline is enough to keep me interested anymore. I will give the new series one more episode before I make my decision.

Check out the preview for next week. Things look really shaky between Vanessa and Sir Malcolm:


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