Katherine Heigl Returns to TV with ‘State of Affairs’

cunegro | photobucket.com

cunegro | photobucket.com

How many of you have missed Katherine Heigl being on TV since she left Grey’s Anatomy?  Well she’s coming back to the small screen, on NBC’s Sate of Affairs. Katherine will play CIA Agent Charlie Tucker, who councils the president on dangerous situations around the world. From the looks of the trailer, Katherine will be nothing like Izzy Stevens in this show.

Izzy was sweet and generous, Agent Charlie is tough and has to make decisions that can have serious consequences. The have been a lot of CIA TV shows: Homeland, Alias, Covert Affairs and American Dad. So what will make this one different from the rest? For starters, the president is a woman, Roberta Payton (Alfre Woodard). This show also looks like it takes place more in CIA headquarters than out in the field. Homeland, Alias and Covert Affairs are more in the field than in the office.

Just like in Alias though, Charlie will lose her fiance, but Charlie makes her job about seeking revenge for her fiance. Who was also the president’s son. Charlie is an absolute mess after losing her fiance, but somehow it doesn’t affect her work. She has some not so unique ways of getting rid of her stress and pain, drinking and sex.

While Charlie is trying to take out everyone who had something to do with her fiance’s death, someone else will be trying to destroy her.

The new series looks like it has potential and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Welcome back to TV Katherine.

Check out the trailer:


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