Chicago P.D. Season 1 Finale

downloadFor the whole season it has been unclear if Voight is dirty and if he is, how dirty. Jin was taken advantage of because his father had a gambling debt, but was there anything for Jin to find to incriminate Voight? Now that Jin has turned up dead, was it Voight or was it I.A.? Jin was taking something from the computer and telling his father to leave town. This to me made me think he wasn’t going to give I.A. what they wanted, but maybe he was worried about Voight.

Jin should have gone to Voight in the first place. Erin didn’t go to Voight right away, but Jay convinced her to. That was her only option. If she chose to go through with helping Charlie, it would have probably ruined her life.

If Voight gave him 10%, where did the other money go? I didn’t think Voight actually kept it. Is Voight actually a bad guy. He’s protecting Chicago well, could he really be a dirty cop?

I was glad that Olinsky pointed out that Burgess deserved the spot on intelligence more that Atwater. I was thinking the same thing last week. I’m not sure who I’m annoyed with more, Ruzek or Burgess. She wants to move up to intelligence and she knows the reason why she didn’t get the promotion was because of the little nothing that Ruzek and her had. Now she’s jumping into bed with him. While I don’t think it’s fair that she didn’t get her shot because of a crush, she knows that pursuing things with him will make it more difficult for her.

I can’t believe Antonio’s wife left him. He can’t just quit because he got shot. He has to get up and move on and if going back to work is how he does that, then good for him. Antonio is making the streets safer for is family.

The first season was very intense. Two officers were lost, one was almost lost, Antonio’s son was kidnapped, Olinsky’s daughter witnessed a murder, Jay was accused of murder, Erin was pulled back to her past and Voight fired the wrong officer. It’s become even blurrier to whether Voight is a dirty cop. I don’t want to believe he killed Jin. One because he had his talk with him, shaking him down, and two because it appeared Jin might not have been going to go through with giving I.A. the information. And there’s the other question, was there any evidence to be found?

Who will be accused of Jin’s murder and who actually killed him? We’ll have to wait till season two to find out.


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