Supernatural Season 9 Finale

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterThe finale looked like it was going to end like many other Supernatural finales have ended, with one of the Winchester’s dead. And Sam was summoning Crowley to save Dean, but it turns out there was nothing that could be done. Dean is now a demon. I guess taking on the Mark of Cain was basically selling your soul to the devil. So will season 10 be all about trying to save or kill Dean? Can Dean even be saved now that he is a demon? Was Dean becoming a demon worth killing Abaddon for? They didn’t really defeat Metatron with Dean. Cass destroyed the angel tablet and then locked him up. So basically they took down one demon with the blade, was that worth it?

Sam thought that he wouldn’t try to save Dean if he died. He didn’t when Dean was in Purgatory, but this time around he saw his brother get stabbed with an angel blade and he just didn’t want to loose his big brother. What changed? He was done with them saving each other. I guess the brotherly bond was repaired when Sam was watching Dean become a monster. What will he do when he finds out Dean is a demon now?

What will become of heaven now? Metatron was right that the angels do need a leader, but not him, he just wanted the power. If Cass could gain the confidence to lead everything would be fine. I think he would be perfect to lead because he doesn’t want the power. He wants order and no death. If he doesn’t step up to the plate then a rebellious angel will.

Heaven will be in disarray while the leadership role is getting sorted out, Crowley is still taking back control of Hell and now Dean will be one of Crowley’s soldiers. Or will he? Crowley is having human emotions again. With Heaven and Hell not sorted yet and Dean changing sides, season 1o is going to be a scary place. Especially for Sam. The beginning of the series was all about saving Sam and if he couldn’t be saved, then killing him. Now it’s time to save Dean or kill him.

Season 10 could be the last. Will Sam or Dean make it out alive?


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