Bones Season 9 Finale

bonesI said that solving the ghost killer case was way too easy, and that’s because it was just a small part of a bigger conspiracy that everyone seems to be being pulled in to. You have no idea who you can trust.

What will Brennan say in questioning? She doesn’t know how to lie. The truth is three former delta force operatives came to kill Booth. What the FBI is saying, is that Booth just killed three FBI agents in cold blood. If you saw what the guys were wearing, how could possible think anything else than they were there to kill him? So Stark has been sucked in too, or he was involved the whole time. Could the promotion have been to get Booth out of the way so he couldn’t untangle the web or was it their plan to set him up and tear him down?

So what will the squints do next season? I can’t see them letting this one go and letting Booth take the fall for something he didn’t do, but this is the most dangerous case they’ve ever had and continuing may mean they all end up dead.

Bones is at it’s best when they have a big mystery to solve and when one of their own is in jeopardy, and looks it like next season will be about saving Booth and uncovering the corruption within the FBI, and however high it goes.

This was the best Bones episode yet, out of all nine seasons. The remains were one of the hardest they’ve had to examine. The more they uncovered the more Booth wanted to keep it from the FBI. Booth even had Brennan falsify a report so they could continue investigating out from under watched eyes. But it turns out they were being watched the whole time. Why else would classified documents been unearthed to make Booth look like a murderer? Then he was put on administrative leave and took things into his own hands. But what was he hoping to accomplish by luring the delta force men to his house? They were there to kill him and it was sure to be a fight to the death. If Brennan didn’t come back he probably would have died. Go Brennan for not listening to Booth.

Instead of uncovering who the Delta Force guys were, it’s all been swept under the rug and covered up. Next season is sure to be an exciting and dangerous one. Will anyone come out unscathed?

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