Penny Dreadful Episode 2: Getting to Know the Characters

penny-dreadful-ethan_chandlerLast week when we got introduced to Penny Dreadful there was a lot of monsters and gore, this week the show was graphic in a different way. This episode had graphic language and there was two bizarre sex scenes. The first sex scene made sense, when we were introduced to Dorian Gray. I’m not so sure the second one was necessary.

We also got introduced to Brona Croft, but I don’t feel like we really got to know her at all. But we didn’t really get to know Dorian very well either.

We did get to know the characters we got introduced to last week better. We found out why Ethan is in London, we got to see how good Vanessa¬†is at being a medium, we also got to know Victor and his creation a bit better. Victor’s creation was learning about the world again, remembering things about the person he use to be and even got to pick his own name.

For the most part this was kind of a getting to know you kind of episode. The scene where Vanessa talks to the dead was very creepy, but that was the most exciting thing that happened in the episode, until the end. We discovered knew information about what’s going on. There was also a scene at the very end that you won’t see coming, but will make you intrigued for the next episode.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters this week, but I’m looking forward to more episodes like the premiere.

Go to the Showtime website to check out a preview for next week’s episode. It looks like there will be a lot of excitement.


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