The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Last week I was in shock that Stefan was dead and this week it’s even worse because Damon is dead and the other side is gone. Does that mean Damon is gone for good? That changes the whole show. A lot of characters have died, some of them have come back, not all, but this is not looking good.

Damon is my favorite Salvatore, so of course I am very upset that he’s gone and I don’t know if Elena can survive this loss. I thought it would be bad for her when Stefan died, but this is ten times worse. Alaric is back now and he’s going to have to really be there for her. Jeremy will need consoling too. He just loss Bonnie. Elena lost her boyfriend and one of her best friends.

I’m not so shocked about Bonnie because she said before that there was no way to bring her back and while she kept lying that there was, it’s no surprise that she sacrificed herself to bring her friends back.

I’m so glad Lexie pointed out to Stefan what’s been going on between him and Caroline. Will season six see the start of their relationship? I think they would be so good together. This time around Caroline was able to kill someone to save Stefan, but of course with Luke being brought back too, it wasn’t a permeant death.

Season six is going to be very different if Damon is not going to be around. I still can’t believe he’s dead. I’m still wondering if there will be a way to bring him back. After two seasons Alaric is back. Bonnie brings people back all the time, but if she’s really gone too, there will be no one to bring him back.

It’s going to be a long summer waiting for season six and to find out if Damon and Bonnie will be really gone for good. There are a lot of fans out there that love Damon, how are they going to feel if Damon is really gone? I will be devastated. I don’t know how you can have The Vampire Diaries without one of the Salvatore brothers. I’ll be upset if Bonnie can’t come back too.

Will everything be different in season six? The fall can’t come soon enough.


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