Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 14

downloadThis episode didn’t go down the way I expected it to at all. I guess in a way the beginning did. They followed the leads and caught Popo, but then Jay went to Antonio. I didn’t expect Antonio to want Popo dead, despite everything he’s done. Antonio is just not that kind of man and neither is Jay. I think Jay needed Antonio to give him a little nudge to stand up to Voight. Erin, Jay and Ruzek didn’t want Voight and Alvin to kill Popo, but they just always fall inline with Voight.

Voight doesn’t know it but I think Jay just did a huge favor for Voight. Internal Affairs is gunning for him and he has no idea that one of his own men is spying on him. He assumed it was Sumners and while she did have an affair with the new guy in charge, it doesn’t appear she is a double agent. Jin is the one that’s spying on him. With I.A. sniffing around, that’s no time to be killing a suspect. No matter how guilty or how much he deserves it.

What has Jin’s dad done and what will he give I.A. to save his dad? Why doesn’t he just go to Voight and tell him what’s going on. This new I.A. guy is dirtier than Voight. At least Voight does what he does with the best intentions.

I thought Erin was going to be taking care of Charlie and instead she’s introducing him to his son and saying she owes him. What is Charlie cooking up? Erin has done so well for herself, she can’t let him pull her back down.

Who will be Burgess’s partner now? I think Burgess has done better work to get into Intelligence. No offense to Atwater, I like him too. How did Voight know there was a little thing going on between Ruzek and Burgess? It was nothing though. It was one kiss and then maybe something more, but Atwater stopped Ruzek from pursuing it. I get what Voight is saying, that she should be working hard on breaking into Intelligence, not getting into a romance, especially with a co-worker. But nothing happened, so how can it affect this promotion?

Check out the preview for the season finale next week. Erin’s sins are coming back to haunt her:


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