The Originals Season 1 Finale

OrigianlsThe Originals has come a long way in just one season. Klaus came to New Orleans to reclaim his city and he became a better man in the process. While Klaus is still the evil hybrid he’s always been, he made a great sacrifice. He gave up his daughter to keep her safe. Maybe this will make him change his ways. He’s gained a lot of enemies over the years and maybe now he’ll start treating people differently, well at least the people not wanting to kill his child. Or should I say people who wanted to kill his child, since they’ve made everyone believe the child is dead.

Going into season two the show looks like there it will be a lot different. There’s a new werewolf pack running things and they can attack vampires anytime they want. Ester is trying to destroy her family from the other side, or did she come through when Davina brought Michael back? Either way that’s both parents trying to destroy them. Davina won’t set Michael on Klaus until she’s good and ready though.

So that makes three hybrids now, Klaus, Tyler and Hayley. When Hayley was killed I was hoping she would come back to life as a hybrid. I couldn’t believe they would kill her off, though the writers like to kill a lot of characters off. How will Hayley’s transition be and will she be any different as a hybrid? Her and Elijah were finally starting to explore their feelings, will those feelings still be there now?

Where does Marcel fit into all of this? He’s made amends with Klaus and saved his daughter twice. Does that mean they will be aligned again? There’s so many cliffhangers for next season, but none that revolve around Marcel.

It was really nice to see Rebekah again. She will take good care of Hope Mikaelson. Maybe one day Hope can be with the rest of her family, but Rebekah is a great person to look up to.

I’m looking forward to season two.


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