Supernatural Season 9 Episode 22

Official-Season-9-BTS-Poster-supernatural-35284426-796-771Dean says that the mark and the blade are the only thing that will take out Metatron, but it could be the reason why they fail. 

Gadreel walks in giving them the biggest chances of winning and Dean tries to kill him, maybe even did. The mark is clouding his judgment. If he didn’t bring it with them on the case, Tessa would still be alive and Cass would still have his army. It was Metatron who orchestrated the angels coming over to his side, but if Dean hadn’t have killed Tessa, he wouldn’t have given the angels a reason for wanting him punished. Then Cass would not have had to make a choice. 

Cass may have lost his army, but Gadreel would give them a better chance at succeeding. Could Dean really not see that? Dean is not the man he use to be. He’s always somewhat liked hunting, but now he revels in it. Now he wants to kill things, even if he shouldn’t. Did Crowley know this would happen? Was this part of his plan? Crowley is a smart, conveying demon, but was he really scheming past Abaddon’s death?

So how do Cass and Sam control Dean in the mean time? They are going to lose if they can’t get control of Dean. He’s threatening everything all because he can’t control his want to kill. What will be left of Dean when this is all done?

Check out the preview for the season finale next week. We learn more about the mark and Dean goes after Metatron.


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