Revenge Season 3 Finale

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Can David Clarke really be alive? A whole prison hard saw him killed. If he really is alive then why didn’t he stop his daughter from seeking revenge for him? He had to have known that Emily was his daughter. Emily has been all over the news with marrying into the Graysons, he had to know. Will he reveal himself to Emily now that his name is in the clear?

I was very afraid that the death on this episode was going to be Aiden. I just had this bad feeling. I’m so mad at Victoria for killing Aiden. Emily had nothing to do with Pascal’s death, that was all Conrad. If she wanted to punish someone she should have punished him. Emily didn’t deserve losing Aiden. She’s had such a hard life and all because of the Graysons. I think the Graysons have done enough to make Emily suffer.

I really wanted Emily and Aiden to end up together, but I see now that the writers never had that planned. For all the fans that were team Aiden, this will be a big shock and very disappointing news. Will Emily be able to love anyone after Aiden? She loses everyone she loves.

Victoria doesn’t believe Emily knew her father at all. We don’t really know our parents as kids, so maybe there is a lot we don’t know about David, but Nolan believes he’s a good man. But after decades of radio silents, he resurfaces to kill Conrad.

There was not just one, but two deaths in this episode. We were only told there would be one.

I was so afraid Emily was going to kill Victoria, but instead she puts her in the psych ward. There is just some poetic justice about this.

So what’s next for Revenge? Victoria is in a mental ward, Conrad is dead and David’s name is cleared? She’s done, right?

We are left with some cliffhangers. Jack is being taken to the station to answer questions about Charlotte’s kidnapping, Nolan partnered with Gideon to take down Daniel and Daniel is left with a girl who overdosed in his bed and of course David being alive.

Emily has succeeded, but at a very high cost. Now that she has finished her plan, where can the storyline go? We will have to wait and see when season four premieres in the fall.


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