The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 21

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5There has to be a way to bring them back from the other side, Stefan can’t actually be dead. Julie Plec has killed off a lot of characters over the last five years, but Stefan can’t be one of them. I mean he’s the center of the show.

This has to be the biggest surprise yet of TVD. I felt almost the same shock when Elena died, not quite as much, but then we found out she had vampire blood in her system. So then everything was ok. I was most shocked when Jeremy died the second time. I was in such disbelief, I didn’t even cry. There is no coming back after you die when you are supernatural, well it has been done, but Bonnie is running out of options.

How will this affect Elena and Damon? I don’t know if this is a hurt Damon can withstand and Elena may not be in love with Stefan anymore, but she still loves him. Elena has lost so many people, can she handle losing her first love?

I’m just at a loss for words. I can’t believe Stefan is dead. TVD has been renewed for another season, so it seems even more impossible. Can they really have the show without Stefan? I just really don’t know what to think.

Tyler as we know him seems gone for good and the other side is quickly unraveling. How many characters will be left by the end of the season finale? How big of a cliff hanger are we going to get?

Check out the preview for the season finale next week. They plan on blowing up their own town. But what about Stefan? There is no mention of him in the preview. Who will tell Damon and Elena that Stefan is gone?


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