Nashville Season 2 Episode 21

132839GROUPpre-1378848420Is Scarlett really leaving Nashville? I was afraid when she stopped singing that there would be nothing left for her storyline and that appears to be what is happening. I just can’t believe the writers are writing her off the show. Or are they? She’s not gone, until she’s gone, so maybe, there’s still hope for her character. It’s not looking good though.

I don’t know if Luke is ever going to be comfortable with the fact that Deacon and Rayna share a child together. Luke wasn’t the only one that didn’t like Deacon getting on stage with Rayna. Teddy didn’t look happy either. He was more upset that Deacon was up there with both of his daughters though, I don’t think he would care if Rayna and Deacon got back together. I think Luke is afraid of that spark that is still there between Deacon and Rayna. It’s a complicated situation, but what was Rayna supposed to do when Maddie asked if Deacon could join them on stage? I don’t think Rayna really had a choice. It was a nice moment on stage, but an awkward one.

Another awkward moment during this episode was during Gunnar and Juliette’s meeting, when Jeff walked in. I don’t think Gunnar knew what to do. Would anyone know what to do? I mean you know that your friend’s girlfriend slept with this man, but also she’s a star and she wants you to write songs with you. Is there a right thing to do in that situation?

I do think Gunnar should have told Avery though. The situation is very complicated with Gunnar and Zoey going to be working with Juliette, but Avery has a right to know.  And I don’t think Juliette will tell him. Instead she’s going to take the blackmail by Jeff to sign with Edgehill again and keep her secret. Avery will find out eventually. Whether Jeff tells him or Gunnar and Zoey finally decide to tell the truth. She should just come clean now.

What will happen to Rayna’s label, if I am right in Juliette leaving? Rayna took a huge risk taking Juliette on and now she could walk away and make Rayna lose everything? If there was ever a time for Juliette to own up to her mistakes it would be now. Her mistakes are really starting to hurt the people around her.

Check out the preview for the season finale next week. Deacon wants Rayna back and Luke proposes. Who will she choose?


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