Supernatural Season 9 Episode 21

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterI can’t believe Dean didn’t tell Sam that they were walking into a trap, even if he says it was because he knew he couldn’t be stopped and didn’t want Sam to get taken by Abaddon.

Defeating Abaddon almost seemed too easy. Which probably means that the price that came with the Mark of Cain was too high a cost. Dean was a lot like Sam when he was drinking demon blood. Abaddon couldn’t control him. It took some using his power that the mark gave him, but then he just walked right up and stabbed her. It was all too easy. They’ve tried to kill Crowley countless times and failed.

I’m not sure why they didn’t kill Crowley this time, but I am very happy for it. I really don’t want to see him die until the show is over and this episode made me love him even more. I loved the fact that he actually warned Dean, with Sam and Deans code word, that they were walking into a trap. I also loved that he didn’t want to see his kid die, although this could have a major affect on the time ripple effect. Just another issue the boys are going to have to deal with.

Cass is getting really serious with this leader stuff. He may have gotten himself a man on the inside. That is if Gadreel decides to become a double agent. That would be a major win, if Cass has convinced him to switch sides.

Cass for the most part has the Angel war taken care of. There’s still a long way to go, but he’s on top of it. Abaddon has been taken out, but now Crowley is back on top. There were a lot of wins in this episode, but at the same time there’s a long way to go.

Hell will probably be in disarray while Crowley is getting comfortable in his throne again, Cass is still trying to stop any more Angel deaths, there’s uncertainty about what Crowley’s son will be causing with changing the past and Dean is being taken over by the Mark of Cain. It almost seems like they have more problems than they started with.

Abaddon may be gone, but there’s still a King of Hell and Dean may have lost himself in the process.

Check out the preview for next week. Things with Cass’s army don’t seem to be going as planned:


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