Revenge Season 3 Episode 21

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)After three seasons Emily has finally got the confession she’s been waiting for and Conrad is in jail. She’s far from done yet though, she still has to make Conrad’s confession stick and get Victoria to confess.

Why would she out herself to Conrad? Wouldn’t that just make her a target? I mean Conrad threatened to take down Charlotte if she went to the authorities. This scene showed how evil Conrad really is. Charlotte may not be his biological daughter, but he’s loved her like she was his daughter her whole life. Now that she’s learned the truth about him and wants to go to the authorities, he disowns her very quickly. That is just the man Conrad is and he deserves to be punished for this sins.

Has Victoria figured out who Emily really is? She certainly knows something about Emily and it made her know that Charlotte would never be harmed, but how much has she figured out?

Why did Aiden tell Jack that he needed to let Emily go and then tell Emily they were meant to be? Was Aiden just manipulating Jack so he would help? When Jacks was hesitant during the kidnapping, I thought that he was having a hard time with the whole situation. Then when he let her go, I thought he just couldn’t bare seeing her like that anymore. But it was all part of the plan. It seems that now his hesitation came from his worry that letting Charlotte go wouldn’t get a confession. As much as he hated what Emily was doing, he still wanted to see Conrad pay.

Who is this man with David’s ring? He also seems to be working for Victoria. Why would a man who is working for Victoria be sending Charlotte letters pretending to be David Clarke? Is that why Victoria dismissed the letters so quickly? Or was it just because she knows David is dead?

Check out the preview for next week’s season finale. The tables are turned and Victoria is taking down Emily:


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