The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 20

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5Things are looking pretty bad. Elena and Stefan have been taken by the travelers, one of the travelers have taken control of Tyler’s body permanently, the other side can hurt people and Bonnie is still going to disappear with the other side. Despite them all being in danger, yet again, they always seem to find a way out, but what will they do this time?

Now that the travelers have Elena and Stefan no vampire in Mystic Falls is safe. The travelers have proven that they have a serious dislike for vampires. Not to say that the vampires were safe to begin with. They have a lot of enemies on the other side. Once they all figure out they can get revenge on them, they’ll constantly have ghosts trying to kill them.

Now that the travelers knife is gone, how will they get Tyler back? The only reason they were able to save Elena was because they used the travelers knife on Katherine. The travelers having a hybrid body gives them an advantage. He can bite and kill all of them.

Bonnie needs to tell Jeremy the truth. Maybe there’s no way to save her or the other side, but he has a right to know. I still think they could find a way if they tried. I mean Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life twice, and her friends found a way to bring her back. That’s just what they do.

Did I sense a little bit of jealousy from Caroline? She was upset that Stefan told Elena his secret and not her, but it started before that. Usually when there’s even a hint of Elena and Stefan getting back together, she’s very happy and all team Stefan. But this time she didn’t seem to like the prospect of Elena and Stefan getting back together. Could she be starting to have feelings for Stefan? This is one relationship I would really like to see happen.

It didn’t surprise me that Elena wasn’t able to keep the secret very long. Damon is surprising me though. He’s holding it together pretty well and only gave Stefan one punch. Stefan kind of deserved that. I mean he didn’t mean to kill Enzo, that was more Enzo’s doing, but Stefan did kill Damon’s only friend.

Check out the preview for next week. Liv wants to kill Stefan and Elena:

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