Nashville Season 2 Episode 20

132839GROUPpre-1378848420It’s sad that Scarlett is walking away from the music. She was my favorite artist on the show. Pretty much everyone’s roles on the show is music in someway, so what will her role be now? Will she be sticking around for a third season? Is there going to be a third season?

I feel a little bad for Rayna. She did the right thing by letting Scarlett go, since she didn’t want to be a star, but what about her record company? She’s put everything into it and Jeff is doing everything he can to make sure her album doesn’t succeed. Now with Will getting his own reality show, that could boost his sales even more. And remember his album is dropping the same day as Rayna’s album.

Juliette just makes bad choice after bad choice. I can’t believe she slept with Jeff. I get that Juliette feels threatened by Avery and Scarlett, but Avery and Scarlett decided they were better off as friends. Juliette shouldn’t get jealous when Scarlett is going through something horrible. She should be happy that she’s with a man that cares enough to be there for his friend. She’s finally found a really good guy and she’s throwing it all away, for what? All because she couldn’t handle the situation being about Scarlett.

I think Gunnar should have gone and seen Scarlett. In times like this it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past, just that you are there in the time of crisis. I was very proud of him when he turned down the deal with Jeff. Gunnar doesn’t want to get into business with someone who as so little thought for other people. Rayna may fail because she did the right thing with Scarlett, but at least she will be able to sleep at night and know that she didn’t hurt anyone just to succeed. Jeff may climb his way back on top, but he’s going hurt people on the way.

Check out the preview for next week. The cast will be performing for the troops and relationships may be falling apart:


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