Chicago P.D. Season 1 Episode 12: Chicago Fire Crossover

downloadVoight may bend the rules from time to time, but when it comes to catching bad guys that hurt his people and his city, he’ll do anything to catch his guy. And he wasn’t going to let any FBI agent tell him how to conduct his investigation.

What on earth was that FBI agent doing? He was following all the wrong leads. It’s funny how when a show is about the detectives, the FBI agents are either useless or the ones getting in the way. If a show is about the FBI agents, then it’s the cops that are useless. They can’t just both be equally good and actually work as a team.

To really appreciate this Chicago P.D. episode you had to watch Chicago Fire first. Now I’ve never seen an episode of Chicago Fire before and I don’t really know the characters, but I want to learn more about them now. Also you couldn’t truly understand what Burgess was going through with her niece or what actually happened, without watching the Chicago Fire episode first. So if you are only a fan of Chicago P.D. and decided to just watch Chicago P.D., I would take the time to watch Chicago Fire now.

It was a powerful crossover event. So many people got hurt. The Fire department worked hard to rescue who they could. Then the intelligence unit came in to find out who could have done such a thing. In the aftermath of the explosion you really wanted to see the person pay. Plus it was a pretty good twist that the first bomb went off at the wrong time. It’s sad that so many innocent people had to die because of it though.

The intended victims were the Chicago P.D. and the Fire department. This criminal was hurt because the Chicago P.D. arrested his dad and in the take down killed his mother. His dad was a major crook though and deserved to go to jail. He believes his daddy is innocent and wanted him released. I don’t know if the guy was that delusional to think his dad was actually innocent or if he just wanted his dad released. It’s horrible his mother died, but that doesn’t change who is father is.

Erin is getting pretty cozy with that Chicago Fire character. How does that work, having a relationship between two shows? I guess that could mean more crossovers, but it can’t really work. If felt like there was a purpose to the storyline though. That it wasn’t just thrown in, but what the purpose is I don’t know.

Check out the preview for next week. Popo is released and they have to work with the man that took one of their own:


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