The Originals Season 1 Episode 20

the-originals-posterIf Davina can bring Michael back, will that screw up the other side even more? Does she even have the kind of power? She certainly use to have that kind of power and the Harvest girls are supposed to be powerful, but bringing someone back from the dead is a very powerful spell. Bonnie has done it twice and there were severe consequences both times. What will be the consequences if Davina brings him back?

I’m glad to see that what’s happening with the other side on The Vampire Diaries is having an affect on The Originals. The Quarter may not deal with the other side much, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be seeing the effects.

Hayley and Elijah finally kissed. We’ve only been waiting for this kiss since almost the first episode. But where do they go from here? She’s still carrying his brother’s child and her family doesn’t trust him. There’s still the issue of Klaus as well. Elijah may have said that he’s going to take whatever he wants now, but that doesn’t mean Klaus will be happy with it.

I had always wondered why Klaus turned Marcel. I think I just assumed when Marcel got older that Klaus turned him because he was his right hand man. I had no idea that Marcel asked to be turned and that Klaus didn’t want to turn him. I guess Klaus was a father figure once and truly cares for Marcel. That’s probably why Klaus was so hurt when Rebekah and Marcel summoned Michael into town. It was the two people he cared about most betraying him. That’s hard to forgive.

Klaus raised Marcel, but in some ways they are so different. Marcel took what he learned from Klaus and used to to control The Quarter, but to keep it safe, not just to be the king. Marcel cares deeply about people and Klaus does for certain people. Maybe Klaus and Marcel are not so different after all. Klaus just carries around the scars of his father more.

Check out the preview for next week. The war is beginning, which side will win?


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