Supernatural Season 9 Episode 20: Bloodlines

download (1)Supernatural seemed to take a page out of The Originals’s script, with various monsters running the city. It didn’t even feel like a Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean were hardly on screen. Then it occurred to me, this is the start of the Supernatural spin-off, Bloodlines.

There are some spin-offs that make sense to me, like Addison leaving Seattle and move to L.A. to start Private Practice. Then there was Angel leaving Sunnydale behind and getting his own show. Also the original family leaving Mystic Falls for their own show, but creating all new characters for a spin-off doesn’t make sense. Did it even need to be a spin-off? It could have just been a whole new show. Unless there are some Sam and Dean ties that will remain when the new show starts, I don’t get the point of making it a spin-off.

The one face I was very happy to see on screen was Nathaniel Buzolic, who played Kol on The Vampire Diaries. I loved him as Kol and I was very sad when they killed him off. He was a very fun villain and I wish they had more room for a storyline for him on TVD. If I give this new series a chance, it will be because of Nathaniel. He’s the only thing that has really peaked my interest about this new show and that’s only because I like the actor. It was strange seeing him as a good guy for once, well a good monster.

That does beg the question of who the good guys will be in this new show. Obviously the big sister shape shifter and the big brother werewolf are both evil, but their little siblings seem to have good in them. Then there’s the new young hunter. Other than him being angry about losing his fiancee to be, I wasn’t too impressed with his character.

I’m not sure if the CW will pick up this new show for next season and I’m not sure I even want to watch it yet. The only thing this episode did was make me want a real new episode of Supernatural. I missed seeing the boys on screen and was very disappointed watching this episode.

Next week we will have our boys back and they will be back in the thick of things, with the angels and demons’s wars:


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