Revenge Season 3 Episode 20

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Conrad usually has someone else do his dirty work, but this time he got his hands dirty all by himself and he was literally covered in blood.

If only Margaux knew that Daniel had a hand in killing her father. I can’t believe the man that Daniel has become. Margaux is supposed to be his childhood friend and he went and schemed with his father to get rid of Pascal.

Time and time again Emily comes so close to exposing Conrad and time and time again Conrad is either one step ahead or something falls through. She could never ever have guessed that Conrad was going to kill Pascal.

I feel bad for Victoria, she was finally getting what she wanted and Conrad took it away, again. He seems to be in the habit of killing the men she loves.

Was Nolan jeopardizing her protegee’s program a wise move? I don’t think Daniel is the type of man you want to piss off, especially since he’s proving to be more and more like his father. I know Nolan was hurt and eventually the partnership would have soured anyways, but did he really need to speed up the process? How is Daniel going to strike back?

Did that guy from the woods take Charlotte and why? He had a ring that said DC on it and Jack took it. Was that why the man followed them back or would he have followed them back either way?

So what’s Emily’s next move? We know she’s going to strike against Conrad and it seems like it will be a big strike.

Check out the preview for next week. Charlotte has been taken and it’s making Victoria and Conrad break:


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