Nashville: On the Record Special

350x350There’s two great things about Nashville: the drama and the music. This week we took a break from the drama and just sat back and enjoyed the music. We also got to sit down with the songwriters and find out where all the songs we love came from.

On Wednesday night the Nashville: On the Record Special aired on ABC with some of your favorite Nashville stars performing at the Ryman theater in Nashville.

Clare Bowen sounded amazing and looked beautiful on the legendary Ryman stage. She graced the stage the most out of her co-starts. She sang the fan favorite, “If I didn’t know Better”,  with Sam Pallidino, she also sang with Charles Esten, “This Town” and her heartfelt “Black Roses”. It seemed that Clare just couldn’t get enough of the stage. She seems to have become a natural performer. Performing in front of a camera and in front of a live audience are completely differently, but she seamlessly took the stage and performed better than her character, Scarlett. It was also nice to hear Clare’s Australian accent.

We also got to hear Sam’s British accent. And he didn’t just perform with Clare, he got the band back together and performed with Jonathan Jackson and Charley Rose. We might not get to see these three perform again on the show, but it was really nice to see them together one last time.

Before Hayden Panettiere took the stage she told the songwriters that she had stage fright, but when she opened her mouth on stage, there seemed to be no stage fright. She was a natural performer. Just like Clare, she was also a better performer than her character, Juliette. Hayden sang “Nothing in this World Will Ever Break My Heart” and ” Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet”. These are probably two of Juliette’s most powerful songs.

To open the show Charles, Will Chase and Chris Carmack took the stage to sing “It’s on Tonight”. To end the show almost the entire cast was on stage singing, “A Life that’s Good.” I think this song was very fitting for the cast to sing. It’s been sang numerous times in the show so far.

The only person that was missing on Wednesday night was Connie Britton. I wonder where the big headliner was? Other than Connie missing it was a great concert special.


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