Supernatural Season 9 Episode 19

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterWe took a break from the demons and angels this week to deal with a run of the mill case, well sort of.

Sheriff Jodi Mills contacted the boys when she found a vampire and saved a young girl. The only thing Jodie knew was the guy was in fact a vamp, she couldn’t have imaged what she had actually uncovered.

It seemed unusual how this young girl had alluded that vampires and wouldn’t tell Sam and Dean where the vamp’s nest was. It started to come clear when they noticed she had bite marks on her neck. So the vampires had been keeping her alive to feed on her. It turned out she had been missing for nine years.

When Sam and Dean went to hunt down the vampires before the vampires found the girl, they found out that the girl was also their lure, she lured men back to their house and her family, the vampires, killed them.

This was certainly not your typical vampire case.

Every single one of them became captive by the end of the episode and poor Jodie got to watch the young girl transition into a vampire. It seemed there was no hope, but suddenly Jodi figured out why the mother vampire changed the girl’s name. The mother vampire had changed the girl’s name to Alex because she once had a daughter named Alex. It was a very Sam and Dean move to talk the truth to get themselves out of trouble. Alex stabbed her mother with the dead man’s blood and Jodi then beheaded her. Luckily Alex hadn’t fed yet, so they could cure her.

I’m not sure whether Jodie will take in Alex as her own now, but she’s at least going to nurse her back to health.

I think Jodie can get her hunter street cred now, the way she handled that hunt was like a professional hunter.

Check out the preview for next week. There’s more vampires and they are running Chicago:


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