Bones Season 9 Episode 22

bonesI was a little disappointed that the ghost killer was solved so quickly. Most of the other serial killers were prolonged for a while, with a few cases over a season or two to solve the case. It was about half way through the episode when they figured out that it was Stephanie, from a wealthy and powerful family, that was the ghost killer. To top that off she was murdered.

The one saving grace was that there was another murder to solve, the ghost killer’s murder. They also figured out who killed her pretty quickly and then it was just tying the evidence together and finding him. The biology teacher that got framed for the ghost killer’s first victim. The added element of suspense was all the cover-ups, even an FBI cover-up, not that we found out who the FBI cover-up was.

For the most part it was a very exciting episode, but it felt so rushed. Like they needed to get this case brushed under the rug for the next thing. I never felt like the big cases during the series were rushed before, but there is supposed to be some big twist at the end of this season that will set off next season on a very different note. Could this be the reason for the rushed conclusion of the ghost killer?

Plus Booth has been recommended for the promotion, what does that mean for the future of the show? We know there will be a season ten and David Boreanz says that he will be sticking around. What do the writers have in store for us for the season finale and season ten?

Bones will return Monday, May 12. The squints investigate a murder of a drag queen:


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