The Originals Season 1 Episode 18

OrigianlsIt’s time to choose a side: the originals, the vampires, the werewolves or the witches. Technically the originals are divided as it is, team Elijah and team Klaus.

Elijah was trying to do the nobel thing and have everyone living in peace. I think it was never going to work anyways, even if Marcel didn’t interrupt the witches’s party. The werewolves clearly don’t want to conform and are only acting civil to keep their deal with Klaus good. The witches were already looking for a way to over take the vampires and now they want to kill Hayley’s baby. This is going to gain them many enemies.

Marcel made some progress in his revolution. He had to lose his best friend in the process though. He made a stand and gained more followers and pissed Elijah off in the process. I think if Elijah wasn’t thinking of his sister’s feelings for Marcel, he would have killed him. Instead he killed Marcel’s best friend to make a point, but will he be forced to kill him in the future?

Klaus has told Cami that he will kill Marcel the next time he sees him. If Marcel is going to defeat the originals he’s going to have to be cunning and he’s going to have to be very careful. Many have tried to defeat Klaus and only few have come close.

Davina seems very out of place within the witches and she doesn’t trust Marcel. I think Josh has chosen Marcel’s side, so will Davina join forces with Marcel eventually?

It’s surprising me that Hayley is keeping Elijah out of the loop when Klaus is betraying him once again. She clearly still cares for him, but she has her people to think of too.

Elijah has finally decided that he won’t let Klaus stand in his way of what he wants, but is it too late for Hayley and him?

Check out the preview for next week. Father Kieran is dying and there doesn’t look like there is much hope: 


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